Who are True Path Clients?

We have the pleasure of advising a wonderfully diverse group of clients at all stages of life and wealth, year after year. They are keenly self-sufficient men and women; savvy go-getters; family-centered professionals; and spirited retirees. If you’re seeking an independent, objective, strategic partner to help you grow and preserve wealth in alignment with your personal values and goals, please go no further... you have found the people that can help.

At What Point In Life Do Clients Engage True Path?

True Path Capital Strategies primarily serves people that have “preservation of capital” and “sustainable income distributions” as their primary investment objectives. While every client case is unique, we generally work with investors that are in stage 2 or 3 of their financial lives, as seen below.

STAGE 1: Accumulation


GOAL: To build wealth

The Accumulation stage takes place during a person’s early professional years, when they are working hard to pay off college loans, earn a decent income; raise a family, and make ends meet. During these years, common questions that people ask themselves might include:

  • How do I pay off my college debt(s)?
  • Is there a way to save money each month?
  • What’s the best way to save for a down payment on a house?
  • What are my options for a 401k if I have changed jobs?

STAGE 2: Preservation


GOAL: Maintain and grow wealth

People who are in the Preservation stage are professionals who have successfully created a life for their family and children, and are now living fairly comfortably. While they have worked hard for their money and are likely to be able to live within their means, they may still have the following questions:

  • How do we add layers of protections and guarantees to make sure we don't blow it in the 9th inning?
  • We have read about sequential risk. How do we structure our assets to minimize screwing up in the five years prior to retirement?
  • Should we be transitioning to income investments? What products and strategies fall inside of that investment universe?
  • Should we purchase a deferred income annuity and allow the income to grow until we retire?
  • Which annuity products (or other investment vehicles) best fit our needs?

STAGE 3: Distribution


GOAL: To distribute wealth

In the Distribution stage, people are looking to replace their paychecks with other sources of retirement income The last thing they want to do is to return to work or to rely on their children to take care of them. They need help making sure that they have enough income to cover their monthly expenses. The may have the following questions on their minds:

  • Can we find strategies that preserve our purchasing power and protect against inflation?
  • Are there any rising income annuity plans?
  • How can I fill the (one to five-year) gap between the time I retire and the time I can draw on my social security benefits? What retirement income options are there for me?
  • We would like to leave money to our favorite charities when we pass. What types of accounts would be the most tax-efficient to leave as a gift?
  • We have an updated will, but should we be discussing a revocable living trust, Power-of-Attorney or Advanced Directives for health care?
  • Will our assets be subject to probate or federal estate tax?

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