Who We Are

True Path Capital Strategies, LLC is a specialized financial planning firm that helps retirees and pre-retirees plan to preserve and distribute their wealth. Leading our independent firm is Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®. Joshua opened True Path Capital Strategies with the intent to deliver independent, comprehensive, and holistic retirement planning advice, and has spent nearly a decade relating to clients as they consider the next chapter. Located in West Linn, Oregon, we serve clients in Oregon and Washington. We also serve clients nationwide that are comfortable working on our virtual platform.


Meet Our Team

Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®, CAS®, CLTC®

Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®

Founder and President
Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®, has been working in the financial services industry for nearly a decade. He got his start in the business in 2011, gaining experience as an associate at large firms prior to launching True Path Capital Strategies in 2016.
Amy Longeteig Executive Assistant

Amy Longeteig

Executive Assistant to Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®
"My role is to create a seamless experience for our new clients while providing white-glove service to our existing investors. Even though this process can be daunting, I strive to create a personal connection with each client to help put them at ease."

Why We Started True Path

Joshua W. Tschirgi, CFP®, Founder & President:

“Personally, as I went through college, I realized that there were three elements that needed to be present in a career for me to have a successful professional life: One, I wanted to help people, and two, I have always had a fascination with the mechanics of money, math and markets.  And third, the industry needed to be analytical and mentally challenging. 

In considering different career paths, I realized that the financial planning profession provided these three elements in spades.  After about five years of working for large firms and learning about different areas of specialization within our industry, I found my passion and niche in retirement planning.  I enjoy the opportunity and the challenge of leading people through the analytical process of creating comprehensive retirement plans. 


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